For my playing style I find that they do more harm than good – especially in the games first half. Conservative Kingdom estimates by the end of day 3: (with decent farming ground and avoiding the loss or overflow of resources), • Two or Three settlers (One or Two on normal servers) • 150-200 Maces (under exceptional conditions) • Barracks: Normal lvl 8 / Speed lvl 5 • Market: about lvl 5 only on normal servers (to prepare for transfers to second village) • Scouts: 20 • Townhall: (Perhaps 2nd party on speed, possible 1st ending on normal) • No walls, no embassies, researches, no NAPs, no shenanigans. Barracks lvl 1 (4 wheat) – 30 minutes 5. Your initial raids should be in groups of 3 or 4, at least until you start losing them to walls, defenders and enemy population growth. The monotonous server beginning will be spiced up a bit for them. Looking for duel (shadow emp) Exp Travian player, been out for a while looking for an account I can join in shadow emp. Two taste good (Mirror Image and Devoted Apprentice) all other flavors taste like varying combinations of pralines and doo doo. I do the same for clay and then for iron a bit later. Is the target village a “high priority target?” How fast is the attack coming – infantry? If you carry 7 granaries at full capacity then that 560k of wheat storage. This junk works for me and the proof is in the pudding. Nothing is more important today than getting this party started. On the normal server you start the game with your wheat prod. 1 1. Keep the parties going and make sure all of your villages (except your croppers) have trade offices for moving massive amounts of resources when needed. I run my account competently enough. Those that seek mercy should be respected but declined. If you want to always be confident in your ability to defend your Kingdom I’d suggest going with Romans or Gauls. It’s politics Travian-style. Exactly how many granaries etc. After starting over, I developed my type-A plan. Nothing is more frustrating when a chiefing opportunity comes and you don’t have enough CP to pull it off. When I send my Pali’s out to a big raid or minor assault I don’t want them slowed even a smidgen. You should conservatively have 40-50 Maces already (some will have more, some less) and about 5 scouts. Most of your villages at this point need to start moving over to defensive infantry duty. Conquereing When you Chief someone, you want it done in a matter of seconds not minutes. 3k defensive scouts by 4:05:00am at the latest. A WW killer ( AKA WW hammer ) is basically a huge offense army which is solely used for destroying a WW’s infrastructure. For me the keys to good positioning are the amenities. Minimally you should upgrade every wheat field to lvl 2. If it's a farm sweep in a server with good farm you might want trade office, to send resources away. The city name “New Village” doesn’t stir up the same fire but somebody still gets punished. Don’t get involved in that garbage, it only hinders your growth allowing your neighbors to do whatever they want. By the end of day six, you should have your Settlement Infrastructure in your second village just about complete. This will cause you to lose significant time and create other risk factors. Upgrade everything and replace it. Keep an eye on your Culture Points. Normal servers I like to start 2 or 3 days after server start and speed servers I like to start about 3 days after start. To me the one speed point makes a difference. Would it be smart to contact them or send a counterstrike? I will use Teuton for an example, consider the following… 1 Macemen is 40 attack One or two village for TK’s. It’s best if your Sitter doesn’t share your time zone range. This meansif we didn’t specialize, we’d have to research the same stuff in every village again and again, thereby wasting resources on infrastructure instead of building units with them to prepare fo… Let us, by way of example examine Teutons. Sacrifice your hammer for a great cause but the cause doesn’t have to be sexy as long as it’s important. Did you know that if you don’t have enough CP that you can’t even help an alliance mate chief a village? So again, if you’re not a super aggressive, dedicated, highly-active, hit and run kind of player I’d suggest going with Romans or Gauls. And don’t be afraid to go it alone for a while. Don’t let anyone fool you. MIS’s are also nosey because of their competitive nature. All are welcome, as we discuss all international servers. And regarding teutons especially, i would also never run GS on teutons unless the point is to make only one hammer. You can choose whichever fits your style. Don’t leave your troop queue active the first night if you’re going to break BP on speed. Something unassuming about you and if you’re inexperienced, something that will draw little attention to you. Once I get wood and clay to 10 I build the bonus buildings up to lvl 2 or 3. Participate in group chats and voice chats if possible. 1xTeutons [COM4 / King] - 393k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Rams (16080) / Best Teuton Hammer for Crop Consumption in 1x Servers (Kings) (Versteckter Text) [TR1 / King] - 313k Crop Consumption / Highest Number of Axes (112k) / Highest Number… If you get nothing a second time, let the city rest and recover for a few hours and repeat. It’s been very difficult for me to play other games for any length of time when I play Teuton. Twice as many granarys as warehouses is usually an OK mix. If your report comes back empty and the round trip is an hour, you might as well send out one minimal raid for good measure. Once you reach 5 or 6 villages I would recommend (for my playing style) this configuration if at all possible: • Village One – 4x4x4x6: Primary raiding village (soon to be phased out to primary supply) – Raiding (2000+ Maces, 400+ Palis) / Supply • Village Two – 5 clayer: Preliminary Cata Base with small escort / Clay Supply • Village Three – 5 woodcutter: Scouts / Future Defensive Infantry Base / Wood Supply • Village Four – 4x4x4x6: Capital / Future Defensive Cavalry / Heavy Supply • Village Five – 15 cropper: Hammer Headquarters (Axe, TK, Ram) / Heavy Assault • Village Six – 9 cropper: Future Permanent Raiding Den (Mace, Pali, Rams) / Light Assault. As soon as you get a raid report send out another appropriately sized raiding party immediately if you got spoils. I’ve been able to do it and be very successful. For a minimum, a WW killer should be at least 150k crop per hour due to the fact that WW generally have at least a few million defenders and anything less than that will almost never do a damage. From their I recommend doing all the tasks until you get to the long list of tasks. If you’re not raiding then you’re vulnerable. You should still be raiding non-stop and you’ve got enough Maces now to do two hour round trip raids. When people follow behind you with precious siege weapons, crop and reins ready to storm a major target, they’re looking for your hammer to do its job which is to CLEAR EVERYTHING. The city name “Valley Low” means something to me. DA’s follow directions implicitly. Be the belle of the ball. I’ve debated this topic over and over and I’ve changed my views at least once on the issue. It’s important to revel only for a moment because this fact puts an arrow on your back. Playing teuton offensive. People wonder why my guides normally only go so far and then stop. Hammers (imo) have 10k++ catapults and are meant to clean ww’s. Hammer refers to a very large attacking army which is built in a single village and whose sole purpose is to attack, break the defense and destroy the enemy. Do not respond to flamers. But if you’ve all of a sudden got rivals for your farms or farms with 8 crannies you’re in a bit of a pickle. I DO NOT SETTLE SQUARES WHERE FARMS HAVE DELETED. Do an honest observation of yourself and ask a few questions: 1. Also, important to note is that each tribe has offensive troops, defensive troops ... Anvils and Hammers. Some people like to build villages hundreds of miles away so they can either Sim City or escape being farmed. Teuton merchants are too slow to have a scattered kingdom, especially early on. Whether you’re on speed or normal you know the 2nd village is coming. Real wars are fought in quarter 3 of a normal server. After your initial 6 or 7 villages have been specialized, the rest of the villages in your kingdom will simply serve as some kind of supply depot. Here are the minimum requirements for building the Settlement/Party infrastructure immediately in a new village: • Rally Point lvl 1 • Market lvl 1 • Main Building lvl 10 • Academy lvl 10 • Whse lvl 10 • Granary lvl 10 • Residence lvl 10 • Townhall lvl 10 • Party – small (continuous) • Settlers 3 o You will have to feed all of this so you’re looking at about an 80-90 crop need here. Feel free to change this ratio depending on the resource flow to the city. I hardly ever take the regeneration past 600. Also, only raid single, obviously abandoned villages with no alliance affiliation when you’re moving your hammer. If you haven’t started your party yet do it today for sure. If you can look at your 13×13 and honestly evaluate that there is no legitimate rival for you within that space, you can take any square you’d like. It’s hard enough managing the negative crop without extra burdens. NOTE 2: Teuton’s are not for the faint of heart. I’ll spend the next 48 hours taking down wood/clay/iron bonus buildings and fields (because I know they’ve wasted resources on them) and erecting granaries. How annoying is it to be logged in at the same time as your sitter? Excel with the smartest strategy or just raid them on the hour, every hour. Some people get nervous about destroying the palace as it takes long to rebuild and is pretty expensive. You need to figure out what types of troops will make up your hammer. Preferably, you want your 13×13 (at least) free of friends. ... Hello guys, I am an old time travian player, mainly played as Gauls in (+,-), because i loved the Theutates Thunder. Your hammer should never be used until something needs to be … hammered. In most villages you won’t have to take the Blacksmith past level 3. to avoid overflows. Travian Kingdoms takes place in an ancient world. Personally, I don’t use sitters. Fill the rest with warehouses and granarys. And if you choose to use a lot of gold, you can start to build the cropper up at a pretty nice clip. Travian Answers. I make ONE hero and I stick with him. Each mace will carry 59.23 resources from the maxed out 800 storage. This is an advanced technique and should not be entered into lightly. Demolish them lategame if/when you need more granaries/warehouses. Each tribe specializes in something, it just depends on what you want to do in the game. Expanding on this good comment, don't make your WW hammer the 3 chief. In case you cannot find the answer you need on your own you'll get a chance to contact us at the end. Don’t krap on that. The fact that your first village is supported entirely by raiding and your second village (the 15 cropper) only has one of each resource that you won’t be upgrading anyway, you have to be able to sustain your existence at least for another week and a half on a normal server by strictly raiding. Why let a kinder ruler take what rightfully belongs to you if your farms move? Because there is no free gold right away, things will move slowly as you build one structure at a time. Travian Strategy- T4- Teuton early server So as soon as the server starts I recommend on a t4 serer registering as soon as the server starts. By this time your first 5 villages should have maxed out fields at level 10 and the rest shouldn’t be far behind. Research in Kingdoms is not global to your avatar – you need to research and upgrade units for each village individually as well as unlock buildings. It will placate them into sticking it out a while longer. The faster your fields come up the faster you can begin working on your Hammer Infrastructure. They will not use your armies or resources for personal gain or against their personal enemies. So either place a lot of scouts to see if they are doing it or just don't take oasis for off villages. They decide whether you can settle, conquer or help chief villages. But if you decide to use your first village to settle your third village (upgrading your Residence to lvl 20 and forgoing the upgrade of your cropper) it will cost you about 4 times the amount you would spend going the Settlement/Party Infrastructure (in your cropper) way. o Mirror Image Sitters (MIS): Experienced players that are intelligent enough to follow your wishes and assertive enough to anticipate your needs. Some of the things I say here will contradict things I’ve said in the past. Once it’s maxed out to level 20 for whatever purpose then tear it down with your cata’s. How long to replace them? This makes them easy to rattle and confuse because they lack the confidence to improvise. After reaching 20% offensive bonus I add to Attack rating and regeneration. Hammer is a fan-created word which is very commonly used by Travian players on forum, in-game messages, chat, etc. MIS’s won’t allow your storage to overflow and they won’t let your Axe production falter. There’s nothing magical about them. This is your life blood for most of the server. From that point on I stack as many chiefs as I can. Check the logs for any attacks. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. At some point in every Travian kings life the time for raiding and hijinks comes to an end. It will look like this: 1 Cavalry Hero (20% offensive bonus) 40k Axemen 15k TK’s 600-1k rams. So today we finally sent our hammer against an WW. Posted by 1 day ago. The last thing you want to do is have a competent veteran alliance focusing on you for a couple of days. Your residence should be coming along as well. Heros mansion, academy and smithy can be deleted when they are not needed in all villages. If you make a promise, keep it. Residence or Palace - for settlersand administrators 7. Much of your success will depend on how many neighbors you have, especially within your 7×7. Link 2. Especially Maces on speed. it's just risky using that to chief and having an extra space for granary is nice (you need a free expansion slot to reduce CP, so you can't free up that spot in a 3 cheif). • Sitters come in many flavors. of 0. The more villages I have, the more I have to tend, upgrade and defend. When you have been notified of an attack, immediately ask your scout hammer to scout the attacker. When you return to your Kingdom, everything you’ve asked to be done will be done to the best of their ability. No doubt they will have great spoils there. This is what you’ve been preparing yourself for. You won’t have to wait or uses gross amounts of gold. Blacksmith- to improve the attack and defense of troops Each building that can produce troops works on one unit at a time, but all buildings act simultaneously. Do you do something different on a speed server? As Travian has evolved, all hammers have had to evolve as well, for two specific reasons. Because if I begin the server at noon, I want to be raiding by 2PM at the latest (4PM on a normal server). You could find yourself falling behind in a major way and micromanaging the resources you are bringing in to provide crop for your troops and build wheat fields and Crop Infrastructure (whse, market, granary, flour mill) in your 15 cropper. Look at the time you’ve wasted. Often people build a first hammer on the capital very useful to have the evasion at first. Some will boast of larger numbers and I’ve seen a few twice this size but for the most part people don’t have the patience to wait that long. Travian 4 Tactics/Guides T4 Teuton Full Guide (For people with a life) Basically If you want to be a Teuton, you need to make every single step in the beginning by the right way. They’re an upstart alliance and they’re looking to gather a bunch of friends so they don’t have to play hard. Their strength lies in their ability to haul massive amounts of enemy resources which can cripple the target’s production (boosting their own) because of the exorbitant costs other tribes have to produce troops. Remember to keep a tight formation and to continue raiding without let up. For starters, they have the cheapest troops out of the races in the game. 11. Another way to get more CP is to keep expanding your kingdom through conquering already existing villages. Before I do anything else, I raise my hero’s regeneration with the first 5 xp I get. Because of their confidence and Travian skill, MIS’s always have the potential to do “too much”. There is no 'Ultimate Tribe' in the game. What happens if you guess wrong on a raid and you send all 30 Maces at a single target and come up empty? The key is to survey the scene and be as active and helpful as possible. No one with sights set on disturbing others who want to win the Wonder race or who just “want to have fun.” If you want to win a server, picking the right alliance is crucial. I hardly ever go past 25 villages unless a chief opportunity proves too lucrative. I will make notations if a distinction needs to be made. To the layman, quests will prove to be quite useful. Choose to be either king or governor and coordinate your strategy with other players to control resources, armies and territory. If you don’t have confidence in your hammer’s ability to do that based on the scouting reports then send your secondary assault team behind it (separated by a 2 seconds or less) to clean up the rif raff. Now on to the nitty-gritty. Teuton World Record Hammer. If it’s a hammer/rammer (one time use) you can destroy the palace to make space for something else. Main Building lvl 3 (1 wheat) – 60 minutes 4. Teutons are dominant raiders and mass troop producers – that’s it. Quick Hits: -Tournament Squares should be built in all villages that produce troops – defensive or offensive. Any decent variation of the above can be considered good for Teuton prosperity. The point is that the server just started and they have nothing and they won’t have anything because you won’t let them. Be quick to reinforce/restock your mates. To avoid complications with coordinates I usually position my kingdom in the same place every server. Be ready to settle your third village once you’ve reached the requirements. Your hammer needs to have a lot of raw attack power in order to get through the opposing defenses with little loss. Follow all reasonable requests and make your self available. Speed only one. All this requires a substantial resource flow, and a good 15c to house and feed the troops. There’s a little more margin for error as well. Of course those on normal servers will experience some delays. For Romans I use an EI. Some of your neighbors may have second villages like 300 squares away in a place they plan on moving. Incoming reins/scouts and wheat for the next 12 hours from friends and family to kill hammers and enemy chiefs if they retaliate and those of their alliance mates. I don’t support them. 1. Also Teuton rammers are a lot better than teuton hammers, let the romans or gauls do hammers. We’ll hopefully be building that tomorrow. For non-aggressive, “I just want to have some fun” players, this guide is not for you, and trying to follow it will most likely prove frustrating and unprofitable. It’s important to view the details of EVERY square in your 13×13. If your new alliance wants you (which they will) they will respect this as well. Here’s an overview of what an ideal 13×13 might look like for a type-A Teuton gamer: • At least one 15 cropper AND 9 cropper within your 9×9 • Wheat oasis’ within the 7×7 of those croppers • Another 15 cropper AND 9 cropper within 13×13 • Varied oasis spots within 7×7 (one of each) • 50%+ Teuton neighbors within 13×13 • More Romans than Gauls. You may receive an occasional attack from outside your 20×20. Huns are one of the two new factions available from Fire and Sand version in Travian, along with the Egyptians. Barracks- for infantry 4. In Travian 3.5, he ideally should be a Roman because the Equites Legati is cheap, fast and consumes only one crop with the Horse Drinking Trough. If an oasis is lacking (say for instance wood), then I’ll pick a 5x4x3 to compensate and even things out. When he asks why you did it, either offer the village to him outright or just state something about no hard feelings about leaving and how you still respect the alliance. You can trust that everything I’ve written here, I’ve lived. Academies should be fully researched in every village with the exception of catapults. There’s no time for nostalgia because losing everything is constantly before a Teuton. Main building (optional, but very handy to minimize gold and be able to destroy buildings), Treasury (build it, get the artifact, destroy it and replce it). By third quarter you’ve probably got about 40k in lvl 20 spears, at least 10k lvl 20 def. As a Gaul or Roman though I prefer to start a server on the day it begins, a good distance away from center map. Don’t let anyone talk down to you or give you rude orders or nonsensical duties or chores. People wonder why my guides normally only go so far and then stop. Promise to “take a breather” or “choose other targets before I raid again” and stuff like that. If you assume this risk then you understand that you have a responsibility to stop all production and build your catapult infrastructure if someone does settle it under your nose. You don’t want to be the leak that allowed the enemy to pick up the war strategies. Most of them have a purpose within the alliances looking to seriously compete for the crown. Normally these attacks are no more than 3 or 4 light infantry. Allow the best alliances to court you. I can’t stress this enough. These are all beautiful things that can be ruined if not respected. They’ll read your messages and study all your logs. It really can be liberating, freeing up a couple of hours for your real life roommates like your wife and kids. DA’s are inexperienced, sometimes very much so. This means that you can build a lot of troops quickly, usually before anyone else. It’s always better to collect 600 resources from 5 different targets than 600 from one target early on. Your goal by the servers 4th and final quarter is to get your Wonder built. Be empathetic but continue raiding. With a population of 10, I attacked a population of 51 with 11 macemen and met only 2 legos and a rat. If there are, don’t panic or become belligerent. By this time you should have about 400-500 Maces and both villages should be throwing parties. Have I allowed sleep, work or my small children to encroach upon Travian’s #1 place in my life? It’s primarily because after a certain point your own individuality kicks in and you begin to spice up your game play to your own personal taste. Your hammer is your second most prized possession next to your raiding army. Main Building- level 3 2. They’re built every 41 seconds and only cost 250 resources. When you send it out at night, make sure the round trip will finish about an hour after you plan to wake up. I lost one Maceman, and the enemy lost both the legos and the rat. Carrying more than a -50k wheat capacity is just plain crazy in any village unless you’re attacking with the full strength of your hammer. Make a difference. I don’t make a Mace hero then an axe one and then a cavalry one. They’re trained to die – especially when the percentages stack. These attacks will probably be from far away alliance mates of your farms within your 13×13. For a third village I try to find an adjacent 5 woodcutter which will help when building structures and eventual defenders. Just send a few guys consistently instead of a lot of guys periodically. For the Gauls I use a Thunder. On speed this should take you about a day but on normal about 2 or 3 days. ... Travian FI Biggest roman hammer - … Before and after artifacts. Only n00b alliances go to war in the beginning of the game. You’ve allowed your enemy to see exactly how many troops you have, you’ve allowed too much time for your neighbors to recover from your last raids, you’ve given rivals time to raid your neighbors and get resources that you should have at LEAST been able to share and last but not least you’ve got to wait for your whole raiding army to come back home before you can relaunch….waste! Perhaps you have an agreement with a village to not raid them for a day or two or if you receive tribute from another village. Be firm but be consistent when you deal with them. Things move much faster. Disadvantages 3 3. You asked for it and you got it. The same goes for your village names. It will look like this: 1 Cavalry Hero (20% offensive bonus) 40k Axemen 15k TK’s 600-1k rams. Too many details for the DA to deal with. Once you build the crops up you’ll have to use the market or the NPC merchant to even out your resources to build your Settlement/Party Infrastructure (see below) for your third village… and as you’ll see below, it’s pretty expensive. They are generally extremely big armies. I am an oldtime experienced travian player and I … 5. TK’s, another 10 def Pali’s (aside from your raiders) and a good sized lvl 20 hammer (assuming you only have one cropper). Personally when I see “Unbelievably Bold Guy has scouted Valley Low” it drives me up a wall. I prefer that my sitter NOT be responsible for raiding, unless I’m in need of a resource boost for a special initiative. Check your messages. If raid conditions are ideal then this shouldn’t sting much. Moreover they can grab up more resources than any other race as they hav… Take note of anything missing. save hide report. Don’t volunteer to babysit the Wonder if your not willing to either spend money on gold for your own Wonder feeders or put in the time commitment which involves avoiding starvation every 3 hours or so. The problem is that it took a day and a half to get the Macemen out. This topic is very important and it’s probably crossing your mind about now as the nights get longer and longer. There are some instances during the course of a server where I wish I had one, if only to spell me during the wee hours of the night. RAMMING WW!! This is how I begin most villages. • Main Building: lvl 10 • Townhall: lvl 1 (1st party well under way on speed, probably just getting started on Normal) • Woodcutters: Three or four at lvl 1 on Normal • Clay: Three at lvl 1 on Normal • No walls, no embassies, no NAPs, no shenanigans. Rally Point lvl 1 (1 wheat) – 30 minutes 3. A Ram Hammer’s task is to lower the walls of enemy WW villages. It clears the way for succeeding WW Hammers so they cause more damage. If not, trade on the open market as best you can. My life as a Teuton revolves around keeping my 20×20 in check and supporting my alliance, not transferring resources from village 30 to village 35 etc. All kill points will go to ONE hero, making his ascension quicker. This could include building the prerequisites for the settlers in another village if you don’t already have them. Preferably you want to use it in conjunction with the chiefing of a cropper or the offensive against an alliance enemy. Romans and Gauls are not suitable as ram hammers because their rams cost much more and have longer building times. Village specialization allows you to optimize resource investment. I like to put a link on my preferences that says “DO NOT ATTACK – XYZ Village xx|xx” for all villages that send me tribute. I’ve always said that Teutons have to be prepared to lose everything and be ready to rebuild immediately. Day three is an exciting day because it’s time to pack. Prerequisites: 1. If you buy gold, be sure to use your resources quickly to build more maceman. Not purposely out of spite, just out of pure, blind zeal for their Kingdoms. This is a complete and in-depth guide to the Endgame. A gamer with the proper commitment. 13. Your raiding party should be arriving shortly. Then speed is very importen. We’re preparing for two things. Well with all that risk, what’s the reward? Feel free to speak your mind and offer your opinion. Once your alliance secures the Wonder sites and both sets of plans, you have an obligation to give everything you have to make that Wonder build successful. Also some other stuff: Be careful about oasis in sweep/hammer villages. I also think about upgrading my storage buildings to full capacity if not at least to lvl 18, you still can’t afford to overflow resources. Take note of the release times of your neighbors from the beginner’s protection. There is no variation from your standing orders. I lose hours of sleep and many of my waking moments are filled with strategizing. If the destination is over 100 squares away – don’t bother sending them. The Teuton clubswinger has the most efficient build time, and cost, ... All your focus is based on singel attack (like a ww-hammer), but very often you will attack again and again. Obviously you could wait the extra couple of hours necessary to get the third Maceman or you could play the odds and raid with only two. Some believe that it’s leaving yourself at a disadvantage when you let others get the jump on production before you. If you decide to raid with two then you must keep your raids to the sub 8-10 population Teutons. Rammers have 10k++ rams and are used to tear the wall down in heavily protected villages or ww’s. Unfortunately this cannot be avoided within the rules. This subreddit is dedicated to the browser game Travian. They’ll know how to use the Village stat model and will be frugal with the NPC Merch. Build up troops, raid, expand, terrorize etc. Be more than a cog. Troops 4 4. There's 3 … 3. If they’re DA’s make sure if they join an alliance, then they get dropped. I’ve seen everything I needed to see to make an educated guess on where the rest of my resources were going, especially without the use of an NPC merchant for lack of a marketplace. They’ll even send you igm’s that thank you for dispatching their “secondary hammer” so they can start building defense. Two speed servers ago I started 2.5 weeks after the server started and still won the Wonder, but I don’t recommend that. For populations of 2 all you need to send is 54 maces. ... Travian Strategy Guide Strategies get better over time and mine are no different. In addition, your 15 cropper needs resources too if it’s ever going to be the uber offensive village you wish it to be. scout (3000 scouts) 2. clear at 4:00:00 am 3. cata residence at 4:00:02 am (at the latest) 4. 4. Whenever you have an amalgamation of alliance and NAP mates in the same area you can stick a street sign on it because it’s definitely a sim city block. Culture Points (CP) are as important as anything in Travian. The further away the reinforcement village the faster the troop. The rest of my Kingdom will be gifts from my neighbors. When the server is about 25% complete you should have about 10 villages conservatively. 1. Risks/Rewards to Consider When You Don’t Choose a Cropper Second: To be fair, it should be noted that waiting until your third of fourth village to settle a 15 or 9 cropper runs the serious risk of someone else settling it. Archived. The Wonder race and sneaky enemies from far away that will claim “hammer suicide to make room for their own defensive troops” when the hammer is killed. 2. It’s very durable and with the addition of an architect artefact they are quite difficult to beat down, especially if your hammer is balanced between rams and catapults. I do this because the demand for clay is so great early on especially when building woodcutters, crop, cavalry etc. Posted by 6 years ago. You just have to be taking care of business militarily and all good things will come. How far away is it? Compared to the other two tribes they’re both slower AND exceptionally weaker in many respects. There’s no worse feeling than having a farm delete that’s directly next to you. My wife stands in the doorway and stares at me, wondering where the man she fell in love with has gone. In my experience, these alliances never last long or grow at a snails pace. All catapults move at the same speed, 3/hour. I stopped the quest short when I was instructed to build up my remaining fields. That was unbelievable. What is their population? To find an answer, select a parent category and then child categories until the answer appears below. Here is my current conclusion on the matter. If your hammer is wiped (which it probably will be) you better have wiped the enemy clean. You will be recruited undoubtedly. Two Macemen (2 wheat) – 30 minutes. I'm in Aus timezone and can basically be on all day my time. Risks/Rewards to Consider When You Do Choose a Cropper Second: Choosing a cropper as your second village (especially a 15) puts a lot more pressure on you to do one of two things – either raid more if that’s even possible and/or consistently “who-re” gold. I just prefer my new method. 2nd clear at 4:00:03 am 7. Parties expensive so there’s no time for small talk. The scout hammer should have a high level Tournament Square and ideally located near the border. No doubt your first village is running at negative crop already. Also, do yourself a favor and only use Sitters that are in your alliance. You should be building so many Maces that you don’t have time to stock resources. Prove what you are made of against thousands of other players and earn your place in the world of Travian. Here’s an example: For biggun’ enemy croppers, first send a flurry of 5 or 6 fakes to all enemy villages and real attacks to oasis points to set up a smoke screen before and after the strike. Stable- for cavalry 5. Right now you just want to concentrate on “getting your village running”. When your pre-requisites are completed for the Townhall you have to be sure you have enough storage throw the party and to build settlers. Especially on the slower normal servers. Why? Travian Strategy Guide contains all the playing strategies which me and my team used to launch us to the top of the server ranks.. Press J to jump to the feed. Just don’t waste time and resources on building up the three non-wheats and their resource bonus buildings in a 15 cropper though. 1. Make sure to scout the leaders and members before attacking. I’ve worked this thing out on S7 and I have no reason to believe that it wouldn’t be even faster and more satisfying on speed server. Speed server players should be ready to settle their next village, Normal server guys are still be a day or two away, depending on how early you were able to start your first party, and that’s fine. Do your best to be loyal and helpful where you can. You’re storage in your initial villages should be AT LEAST at 160k capacity depending on your needs. A non-cap hammer will definitely be easier to feed with level 12 fields, easier to defend with the moat (but no mason, so still not too hard to cripple),and harder to conquer with 200 loyalty. 12. Before I got really comfortable with the game mechanics and my raiding rotation I used to keep an excel spreadsheet that broke down my attack by who, when, where, travel time and how much of each resource I got. A Ram Hammer should always be a Teuton. If you have a 15 cropper or 9 cropper nearby you have the luxury of waiting or you can take it now. I’m here sweetie… I’ve just found something I love a little bit more than you right now. You must click on every square. Atergatis is based on TRAVIAN 4.4 and is somehow a atergatis speed, but with more features. But, there’s nothing better than waking up and having a new roomate in the morning because you left the space unattended. Set your alarm clocks and make sure you’re in a position to raid right away. That can spot fakes for example. Make it clear that you’ll only attack in retaliation but you will not attack a former alliance mate unprovoked. You want your Kingdom in a tight box-like formation for easy moving of resources and defenders. That’s because the game will quickly respawn you a new farm in that hole. 2 chiefs from 3rd village or 1 chief from 3rd and 1 from 4th village at 4:00:04am (inhabitants now enjoy my rulership) 8. DA drawbacks can sometimes outweigh their desirable qualities. As the leader of a local tribe, your mission is to create a better future for your people. The rest is up to you. They recognize that you can help them learn and are willing to listen intently. Also, when raiding them, don’t be greedy. You should also be 1 of about 4 on the whole server that has reached this accomplishment. That goes a long way with your former family and will be appreciated. I know most people use the TK and I have no problem with this. There are more and more opponents to the notion of starting a server late. So let's explain what these are, and how to make one. NEW building steps and approximate times (rounded to the nearest ¼ hour) on normal servers: 1. Now that we’ve got that cleared up…let’s get started with the standard fare: Choose a name for yourself that you will care about. All things considered, I’d rather have a DA. Who’s that? If you receive an incoming attack they will probably panic and clear the village of all troops and resources OR stack the village with troops and wheat to defend. Those spaces will be a revolving door of farms for you for at least the first quarter of the server. If I get a big score, I’ll put more in the regeneration up to 100 or a bit short of 200. Screens changing, troops moving and resources disappearing. Remember that this could come back to bite you because the Academy is the prerequisite of many military buildings. Tell them you’ll seriously consider it and thank them for asking. Normal servers are gonna take about 3 or 4 parties to get a second city. Nobody’s got time to wait for those to return. As far as Armories go, for safeties sake, if I build defensive infantry in a particular village, I will not only upgrade the defensive infantry to 20 but also the defensive cavalry as well. Each of my supply villages has an Embassy, Market, Trade Office, Townhall and Academy. Remember, you don’t have any fields built up except for maybe a couple of woodcutters on lvl 1 and a clay on lvl 1. Definitely no longer than 45 minutes to an hour – and that’s pushing it. Every day I got over 500k resources from this village and it was right next to my Hammer Headquarters. Before bed, send all of your troops (minus 1 scout if you’re on speed) to a far away 2-5 population village. They will be diligent day and night when you need them. The reason I choose this strategy most often is because the oasis’ mixed with the bonus buildings, lvl 10+ fields and (if you so desire) the Travian Plus bonuses will yield an obscene amount of resources to help fund your kingdom (and later the wonder) for the whole server. Am I being aggressive enough? Early on the additional resources are a godsend. It’s up to you where you go; it doesn’t matter really because there’s no way for you to tell who’s spawning where and what their experience is, unless you already have word of mouth knowledge of it. Be sure to include as many of the Infrastructure buildings in your supply villages though. you’ll be supplying your kingdom quickly and efficiently. I would like to have at least one of each oasis within my initial 9×9, even better would be one or two coupled with wheat (clay/wheat; iron/wheat or wood/wheat). The faster you get those up the easier it will be to expand. Only build these when they are prerequisites or when you’re building a troop that needs them. But running Great barracks with trainer, especially a bit later in the WW hammer only, is pretty common so if you have a large account you will want to make GB probably. Is it an enemy alliance or an ally who made a mistake? Smaller scale conquers follow the same basic formula just on a well… smaller scale. At any rate I’ll be upgrading the 2nd village initially with a Settlement infrastructure that includes a lvl 10 residence and a lvl 1 Townhall. o Devoted Apprentice Sitters (DA): Players that just want to be a part of what you’ve got going on. I’ve never been one for top rankings, though I’ve been in the top 20 of most categories in my Travian career more often than not. As you can see, there are pros and cons to both philosophies. Look for those coming out of beginner’s protection. As mentioned at the outset, your goal is to keep villages from deleting and/or building against you. (Romans do 75 attack) (Gaulsdo 70 attack). If you do decide to take on a sitter, keep in mind that you’ll be giving a LOT of power to someone whom you’ve more than likely never met. After the Attack rating is maxed out I’ll hit the defensive bonus to 20% and then whatever’s left over after that. Don’t waste it on stupid stuff and don’t tip your hand by leaving it to be scouted. Make sure the round trip is just about to end when you decide to log on in the morning. I do believe that the quest system has some value to more experience players but not at the games beginning. In a hammer/rammer city I usually build great barracks and stables (if your account is big enough for it), as the point is to maximise the offensive points of the army before sending it to die on a ww. ***Remember, there’s no FREE gold here to start so no extra wood, no Travian Plus, no offensive bonus right away etc. Yes: the hammer will be HUGE, but personally I prefer juggeling the trainer between two sweeps/hammers instead. If you feel like you have to leave an alliance, try to do so on the best terms. You’ve got to hit your neighbors pretty hard for the next day or so. Seige? Whether it’s resources, defensive infantry, defensive TK’s etc. For the experienced, the new quest system is an albatross of monstrous proportion. After 11 hours your starving. Wheat shipment of 80k at 4:00:05am 9. It’s an underrated feeling. All infantry, cavalry, rams and chiefs should be researched. If a call goes out for reins and resources then supply them when you can. Don’t contact the offender. From time to time you’ll see me drop to the top 200. Be sure to have 5 scouts at home at all times and another 10 scouting your neighbors. Continue to ignore the flamers and ingratiate the farms. Enough was enough – Delete. Keep your troops on the move. These are really good fun and if you’re smart will pay off big time in the way of new villages and a bigger META presence. Make sure your next party is going as soon as your previous party stops. This will be explained later. I don’t plan on sharing their resources with strangers. That’s 700+ CP in addition to the other structures in the village just for one day. For instance, Teuton scouts are scouts but also infantry, whereas Roman and Gauls scouts are scouts and cavalry. They will threaten and yell and tell you about the cata’s they’re going to build against you and remind you that there’s one of you and 5 of them and blah blah blah. The problem is that all this is done before assessment of the situation is made. -I don’t even research, let alone start building Axe’s until my cropper is up and running. Of course some Wonder teams aren’t as swift as others and some do things like begin building too fast without the proper storage capacity in place… but that’s neither here nor there. They’re not a raid unit for me and my hammer is made a bit in the future. It’s been touched on a bit but I want to come back around and talk more about the hammer and different views I’ve come across. All I need my sitter to do is follow directions I leave and report the results. Be invaluable. Feel the sound of drums as you run towards the gates of your enemies. Note too that in the meantime, your farms have been left to their own devices and they could make best use of that time by putting up crannies, joining alliances, forming pacts and assembling an offensive against you. Units whose construction has been ordered are queued within each building. On a normal speed server I’d probably end up taking my cropper third but no later than fourth depending on the level of competition in my area and the distance it is from my current stronghold. If you’re in an alliance, get them to do it too with the same approximate land time. Before the end of Day One (24 hours after server start), if you’ve purchased even the minimum gold, you want to get many of your prerequisites out of the way for your Townhall. If the answer to any one of these questions is “yes” … fix it! What do you think? Travian Teuton Off Episode 27 - RAMMER CAUGHT AT HOME!!! You’re ready to begin raiding in just 3.5 to 4 hours. No one wants to spend the first week of a server defending anybody so the attacks will be half-hearted just so they can say that they obeyed their leaders. I’ve fought in wars that last a week, a month or 5 months. Right before you’ve dropped your second village, I would recommend doing the quests if you like, if not for the free gold then to get that annoying toon off your screen. In one month a Teuton can build: In a capital Hammer: 12970 axe 5258 TKs and 2162 Cats In non-capital Hammer: 25939 axe 10516 TKs and 2162 Cats If you are only producing your hammer for 6 months, then your army from a … It’s also important to make sure that you’re alliance does at least have a decent presence in your quadrant…not your immediate area necessarily. This way you can start thinking about the future immediately. If they truly understood how much stronger, more balanced and faster they are than Teutons, this tribe would become unmanageable to n00bs and would only be useful to the highly skilled. The quickest way to begin raiding with minimal risk – assuming you’ve started 3 days late and most of your neighbors are out of bp: NOTES: *You start the server with 3k resources, that’s all you have to work with (and only in their current positions. ), • Residence: lvl 10 (fast approaching lvl 10 on normal) • Wheat fields: Appropriate level to allow building and upgrading of structures • Barracks: Normal lvl 5 / Speed lvl 1-3 • Maces: 100-125 • Scouts: 5-10 • Academy: lvl 10 o Researches: Scouts only! For Teutons I use the … Pali. Because it’s a clay village for me I begin to think about using the village for producing a clay heavy troop in the future. This is to be able to get everything they have in one raid. Once it’s of no more value, Academies should be taken down. They are meant to raid and take villages, create farms and grow this way. Build the resource buildings at the start, they pay back fast. To make it so you only have to do it once, note the hotspots in your e-Notebook. When you’re asleep you want them awake. Just make sure you can handle the resources when they return. What’s the point before that? I did however go far enough to receive two days of Travian Plus, gold, a rat and some extra resources (that I ended up spending on quest objectives mind you). Also, reinforce the village with a few scouts. Besides, if you play properly in most cases you’ll enjoy retiring from raiding all day, every day. Do you lose any troops or catas in the process? 30k accumulated reins from my own stash (and that of my alliance mates) between 4:00:10 and 4:01:00 10. Search by answering questions. Adjust it to your style and make it what you will. Keep a running log so you can raid “IMMEDIATELY” when the protection drops. The raiding party for those that just come out of protection (and are still small enough to have built little infrastructure) I send between 55-75 mace at them, less if the distance is greater. 3. By hours 8-10 after server start you should still be concentrating on building up your Maces. From the leftovers I was able to train 2 or 3 Macemen. But, if you want to do real damage to a top 5 player, Natar village or Wonder structure, your hammer will look more like this: 1 Cavalry Hero (20% offensive bonus) 75k Axemen 30-40k TK’s 3-4k rams. You don’t want to send your siege away. Not purposely out of spite, just out of pure, blind zeal for raiding. Be sure to refrain from attacking former alliance mates, even if you join a rival alliance. Then from there I take one woodcutter to lvl 10. Your email address will not be published. You should be the first in your area with a 2nd village. After about village 7 or 8 I stop building settlers (but I always keep 3 around just in case an opportunity arises) if I’ve secured my local croppers. Also, MIS’s have their own Kingdom’s to deal with and may at times do things for you in a “half-hearted” kinda way. 500K CLUBS 125K TK 42K RAMS!! Having your ability to build your army secured by landing the cropper is just priceless. The Hammer. You’ve got to be able to go away for 11 hours before checking in. NOTE: This guide is interchangeable with speed and normal servers. Personally I build up all of the fields to level 4. The penalties for being a bad Sitter range from being fired to being banned – all from a make believe game world that ultimately means nothing. More experienced Teutons can start a server late and still be able to subdue their 20×20’s. 2 comments. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Close. If you’d like to become an Elite Travian player, win medals and awards, host a World Wonder village, fight an alliance war, and save time playing the game, then this website contains all the playing strategies you’re going to need to kick ass on the server… Also, pay close attention to alliances forming in your area. One round I was next to an abandoned first village of a player that had rebuilt hundreds of squares away. Travian Endgame Guide by rin_tin_tin. Remember too that every good Teuton knows and appreciates that his initial success is directly related to the incompetence, negligence and inexperience of his neighbors. Also Teuton rammers are a lot better than teuton hammers, let the romans or gauls do hammers. Have I allowed raiders to take too many resources? Tribes are based on your play style, so what you do with each tribe is the outcome you get. After that, everything else is standard fare and in the rest of the guide. Make 3 chiefs. **To make a bad situation worse if you make ONE false step, you could find yourself waiting for hours for any problems to correct themselves. Put this all together with automated trade routes and triple merchant runs it gets to be clear that non cap hammers should become more attractive in Travian Kingdoms. Rally Point- level 1 3. Only join an alliance that is determined to win the Wonder race, preferably one that’s done it before. There is absolutely no excuse for creating a hammer without eventual max upgrades. I did not follow the quest system from start to finish for fear that my eyeballs would combust causing my head to explode. What is their race? Now I can keep the spreadsheet in my head and some of it on my “Notes” section of the message archives. To that end, it's a good idea to understand what just makes the Teuton race special. It’s like a fine wine folks. I don’t even bother responding. These should all be lvl 20 defense as well. Specifically, what buildings do you put in it and exactly how many? The fastest way to get CP is to throw parties and by mid-server you should be throwing the Big Parties non-stop in all of your villages replacing the small parties you’ve been doing where possible. The best part about the quest system is the fact that it keeps everyone around you from building troops with the intensity that they would normally build with. Workshop- for siege weapons 6. Eventually someone will decide to either stick it out, agree to pay tribute or just abandon the village out of frustration. I usually differ between «hammer», «rammer» and «sweep». Sometimes even if I point this out, the MIS will acknowledge it and eventually attack anyway. Summoners War Optimal Def% and HP% Ratio Guide. For little is known about their pros and cons, it is difficult to analyse them deeply. As for the other 10,000 people on the server – the other worker bees – don’t fret not ending high. That is the typical hammer. Is it just one attack on one village or a more organized attempt? Travian Teutons Guide by Nailzz. This should yield you 90+ crop in the village. Any alliance that tries to recruit you too quickly (and doesn’t know you from another server) doesn’t deserve to have you. And by the 4th and final quarter most of your farms should have been sucked dry, banned for inactivity or deleted. Take the marketplace route. There are some drawbacks. These opponents will most likely have no reinforcements – but it’s always a roll of the dice. I’ve been in this position and it’s not fun, but I overcame it. If its a sweep you should save it, as sweeps are good to try TO on enemy hammers (and keeping it gives you more attempts as you can get the chiefs back if they die). Requirements: Wood – 715; Clay – 565; Iron – 605; Wheat – 330 Don’t be alarmed by the wood requirement for a third maceman (810). Afterwards, you can strip the city bone dry and continue to do so because the once infertile land of your neighbors in times past is now flourishing earlier than ever because the quest system forces them to build up their fields on day one or two. Do not stop raiding. Then build barracks lv.1, granary lv.3, mainbuilding lv.5, and … Leaves some time for you to oversleep or take a dump in the morning. They’re normally abandoned villages or Sim players. So, for example, you might have a queu… The best sources of CP are maxed lvl 20: Embassies, Markets, Trade Offices, Townhalls, Palaces, Academies and Workshops. No NPC merchant remember?) This will come in handy for me personally because I prefer to make my capital a 4x4x4x6. Don’t be intimidated by leadership. Use the subsequent days to throw continuous parties in all villages and continue this pattern and expand another village every couple of days. 2) A hammer is simply attack power divided into different troop types. The label on the attack log says it best, “None of your soldiers returned”. For the troops over the 50k limit, you’d be better served by taking 2-3k of the cavalry troops and reinforcing your own nearby villages with adequate wheat. Build your marketplace as quickly as you can. If you see alliances forming, concentrate many of your raids on leadership. Whatever you’ve fallen behind on building from day 2 then finish it. Then I add to the offensive bonus until it reaches 20%. I’d prefer he recover quickly. The security in knowing that you’ll probably have that cropper until the end of the server. To get the cropper back, you have to raid the cropper incessantly (and the supply village) to hinder the building of a palace, assemble your clearing squad, build the Cata Infrastructure (including prerequisites and a lvl 20 Rally Point), build at least 20 catas and gather the settlers necessary to populate the village once you’ve destroyed everything in it. o This whole process will take about 190k – have fun! Like rams, all catapults are as effective at destroying buildings - for example 5… I believe the reward for waiting to settle a cropper until your third of fourth village lies in your immediate ability to fund and build up your cropper once you get it. Conservative estimates by the end of day 2: (with decent farming ground and avoiding the loss or overflow of resources – of course normal speed servers with no gold may be a bit behind.

travian teuton hammer

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